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Underwater Robotics

Underwater Robotics

19 September 2019
Venue: Chester Hotel, 59-63 Queen’s Road, Aberdeen, AB15 4YP

0900 - 1600

Underwater robotics have been evolving rapidly over the last few years, building upon advances in communication, electronic and autonomy technologies in order to secure greater accuracy and efficiencies across the underwater sectors.

With digitalisation set to bring about the fourth subsea revolution, and autonomy and Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the rise, the lines between ROV and AUV are beginning to blur; and the difference between manned and unmanned, from a technical standpoint, is minimised. New capabilities - including enhanced energy efficiency, improved sensor data, greater battery life for tetherless ROVs - are all becoming available with increasing affordability.

This conference discussed the fast-approaching future of underwater robotics, innovations and new technology, as well as the challenges and obstacles faced.


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Delegate List

To view the delegate list, please click here.


Steven Gray - Founder, ROVOP - pdf

Chris Shepherd - Head of Strategic Capability - Maritime, UK Defence Solutions Centre - pdf

Eric Primeau - Senior Technical Specialist, BP - pdf

Richard Drennan - Director, Viewport3 - pdf

David Owen - Technical Manager - ROV Products, Seatronics - pdf

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