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The UK Bribery Law is Changing: MMS Courses Available

19 February 2010

In light of the imminent changes in UK bribery law, MMS has developed an online anti-bribery course. This is in addition to MMS' existing competition compliance online course, launched last year and successfully rolled out with a number of major clients.

You can find more information contained in the attached brochures, below. Apart from the cost-effectiveness of this type of training, it also has the advantage of a clear audit trail and the ability to identify areas where staff may have misunderstood the law.

The courses can easily be tailored to fit the needs of the particular business, for instance by altering the scenarios to a product area more relevant to your business. If it would be of interest, MMS can demonstrate the functionality and the sorts of reports that can be produced.

Online Anti-Bribery Compliance Training Programme
Competition Compliance Training Programme