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Successful C-Kore Deployment on GGA Area

Successful C-Kore Deployment on GGA Area

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21 August 2019

C-Kore Systems have completed another successful deployment in the North Sea, on the
Greater Guillemot Area field, with the help of the C-Kore subsea testing tools.

Faulty elements in the subsea network were diagnosed and replaced within 24 hours of the start of the fault-finding campaign. The GGA area is operated by Dana Petroleum with partner Tailwind.

C-Kore’s compact Cable Monitor Units are used on fault-finding operations and installation campaigns to test the health of electrical lines by measuring the insulation resistance and elec- trical continuity. With their Subsea TDR units, faults can be localised with an accuracy of 10cm in the cables. C-Kore has recently brought out their new Sensor Monitor that can read subsea wellhead gauges and other subsea sensors directly without a control module or datalink pre- sent.

Greg Smith, General Manager of C-Kore Systems added, "We have invested considerable time designing our units to be versatile while remaining very easy to operate. Before work even begins, we work closely with our customers to ensure the tools and testing methodology are optimised for their work scope, with the aim of ensuring testing is as efficient and effective as possible.”