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Digital Edge Subsea Unveils Next Generation of Digital Recording Equipment

Digital Edge Subsea Unveils Next Generation of Digital Recording Equipment

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09 October 2019

Digital Edge Subsea has spent the last year developing version 5 of its software and hardware, introducing three levels: EdgeLite, Edge and EdgePro. Find out more about these services below.

EdgeLite: EdgeLite software is the most basic recording systems.  This is an entry level unit, where there is no requirement for eventing and will record 4 channel video with overlay. Digital Edge's clients range in size, and this product has been developed to provide our smaller clients with the same great recording capability at a fraction of the cost.

Edge: Version 5 will provide the same capability as Version 4 with the added advantage of being able to record 4 channels of HD simultaneously.  As with Version 4 eventing, creation of Workpacks and offline editing are all included features.

EdgePro: EdgePro is an addition to the product range that has been developed with Digital Edge's wish to expand its inspection department.  The EdgePro will have all the capabilities of the EdgeDVR, but with the addition of an extended database that allows tasks to be assigned to components under inspection.  This will allow you to either create Workpacks yourself from approved workscopes, or they can be created by an expert within Digital Edge.

Hardware: There are three main types, Standard Definition, High Definition and Digital Edge's first 4K system. The addition of a 4K(UHD) model is a reflection of the latest technology that is now being used on some of the latest ROV and diving systems worldwide.

Laptop: In an industry first, Digital Edge have developed a laptop version of its new system. It has a total storage capacity of 3TB. The system has an external 2TB SSD drive, which stores the survey data. The Windows 10 operating system is stored on a 2 x solid state hard drive (Raid) for increased speed and reliability.