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NCA has Signed a Frame Agreement with Det Norske for Wellhead Picking

08 March 2010

NCA has signed a frame agreement with Det Norske Oljeselskap for "rig chase" services in relation to their exploration drilling program. Det norske will cement their wells with the drilling rig and leave behind the subsea wellhead for later removal from a less expensive vessel. The contract has a duration of three years plus two years options, and minimum 8 wells.

The scope of work includes project management, engineering and offshore execution of the subsea wellhead removal services and the work will be performed with NCA's patented Subsea Wellhead Picker. NCA has subcontracted DOF Subsea Norway for the vessel and ROV services for this contract which intend using the Geoholm, Geosund andSkandi Bergen for the work.

The Subsea Wellhead Picker is based on NCA's proprietory abrasive waterjet cutting technology which allows the cutting and removal operation to beperformed with a lower cost vessel and replace the traditional method using knives and drill pipe from a semisubmersible drilling rig. The well removal operations will be batched in campaigns of 4-10 wells which offers economy of scale, hence offering both reduced rig time and overall cost per well. The subsea wellhead removal campaigns will be open for other operating companies in the North Sea to sign onto.