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Demand for New Radiation Monitors Leads to Record Sales Success for Tracerco

17 July 2008

17 July 2008

Leading measurement and control specialist Tracerco, part of the Johnson Matthey Group, is celebrating record sales and the launch of major recruitment plans in line with growing client demand for its innovative products and services.

The company, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, has rapidly grown its portable radiation monitor supply, calibration and repair business. In less than two years since the launch of this new business line, sales have exceeded £1 million per annum.

Tracerco has since added non intrinsically safe versions of this successful product range and is also expected to announce the launch of further innovations in its monitor services range this year as well as plans for enhanced global growth, alongside a significant increase in staff to underpin the planned expansion.

The TRACERCOä T201 intrinsically safe contamination monitor was the first commercially available product of its kind on the market.It is designed to meet the challenge of combining simple operational functionality and reliability under adverse conditions with excellent sensitivity, rugged and robust /weatherproof construction and intrinsic safety certification.Its key features include:

Intrinsic safety for use in potentially explosive environments which eliminates the requirement for hot work permits saving considerable time and money.

Functionality to display surface activity values for specific radionuclides selected by the operator thus minimising time and effort.

Peak reading function to allow operators to obtain worst-case readings in hard to access areas or from a safer distance from the source using extension kits.

The TRACERCOä T202 intrinsically safe dose rate radiation monitor superseded earlier models known as PRI90 and PRI 190ATX versions which were already well established in the oil and gas industry. The TRACERCOTM T202 represented a complete re-design of previous models and introduced ground-breaking features such as dual functionality personal dose integration, ergonomic design for prolonged use peak dose rate memory functions and yet retaining the key requirement of intrinsic safety certification. Both T201 and T202 models have Baseefa ATEX (Europe) and FM (USA) approval.

The company is continuing to enhance its range of monitor products, which includes the Mud Monitor, an installed device for the mud tank and riser used by drilling companies worldwide to protect the drill floor crew from exposure to radiation.There is also a forthcoming pocket dosimeter and neutron monitor, which are based on the principles of simple functionality, robust construction and intrinsic safety certification.

Tracerco’s Product Manager, Adam Golightly commented: “Since the introduction of our intrinsically safe T201 and T202 range, sales have been so marked, the monitor service section has now become a dedicated business unit within Tracerco, making a significant contribution to the company’s global sales.The new product launch has also assisted in growing the servicing business for calibrations, repair and hire to the point where there are now have seven members of staff dedicated to supporting this growth. A key ingredient in achieving this success has been that of giving the client exactly what they require in good quality products and a fast and responsive turnaround service. Our strategic business growth plans have led us to embark on a programme of establishing similar service facilities in other global locations.

Our focus is to ensure continued improvement in product safety and reliability in combination with enhanced functionality. We have been delighted with the success to-date of our current monitor range and believe that we have an exciting portfolio of new products in the pipeline which will underpin out future growth expectations.