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Seatronics and OceanTools partner to promote the new D7 DyeTector

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25 March 2020

Seatronics, an Acteon company, have collaborated with OceanTools, a world leading subsea engineering company specialising in the design and manufacture of underwater and offshore technology, to promote the newly launched D7 DyeTector® subsea dye & leak detection system to their global client base. 

The OceanTools D7 DyeTector® is a sophisticated product with a 6000m/20,000’ depth rating that uses high intensity LEDs to cause a dye to fluoresce. The emitted light from the dye is then detected by photomultipliers that convert it to a value transmitted to the surface and displayed on a PC or laptop. The powerful ROV mounted DyeTector can detect down to a few parts per billion (PPB) of dye dissolved in seawater thus quickly helping to find the source of a leak. The DyeTector may be used to detect leaks from subsea infrastructures such as manifolds, wellheads or pipelines, with performance superior to that of any other optical leak detection system. 

Another use of the product is during offshore drilling operations. Dye may be added to the cement that is used to secure casing to the seafloor. The DyeTector will detect cement returns the moment they return to the seafloor thus saving oil companies a fortune in rig time, cement and, in particular, prevent large amounts of cement pooling on the seabed.

Kevin Parker, Managing Director, OceanTools, said "We’re absolutely delighted our friends at Seatronics will be helping promote the D7 DyeTector. The DyeTector offers oil companies significant operational and cost efficiencies due to superior range and detection performance, whilst simultaneously protecting our precious subsea environment. It’s the world’s most advanced optical dye & leak detection product and having a world-class company like Seatronics offering it globally is a great vote of confidence.”

Phil Middleton, Group Managing Director, Seatronics, added "Innovation is one of Seatronics core values by exploring, evaluating and promoting new technologies we aim to grow our portfolio of trusted solutions to our clients. The Oceantools D7 DyeTector ticks all the boxes in this respect and we look forward to working with Kevin and the Oceantools team in the promotion of a market leading product”. 

The systems will be available via all global Seatronics locations.