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Coda Echoscope® Brings Real-Time Subsea Visualisation to Breakwater Construction in Spain

29 March 2010

A further Echoscope® system sale to a major construction contractor is reported by CodaOctopus Products, with the introduction of the unique sonar technology to a port expansion project in northwest Spain.

Situated in Galicia and oriented to the Atlantic Ocean, Punta Langosteira in Coruña is exposed to the most extreme maritime conditions, which have been known to produce waves up to 24 metres in height. The port enlargement is a major project which will result in significant additional space and improved facilities for its diverse shipping movements. The construction of a 3360m long breakwater, which is armoured with 4m long concrete blocks, will prevent structural damage to the port from the Atlantic waves.

Using the Echoscope system, the joint venture contractor, La Unión Temporal de Empresas (UTE) Langosteira, is able to place the concrete blocks of the inner part of the breakwater below the water aided by precise real-time visualisation. The unique sonar technology of the Echoscope generates over 16,000 beams simultaneously, producing instantaneous three-dimensional sonar images of the underwater environment. Visualising the concrete block to be placed using a specially-designed crane, even in zero-visibility water, enables the operator to align it precisely and in the correct orientation to the blocks already placed.

“The introduction of the Echoscope system brings considerable advantages to this project, which is prone to extreme weather conditions,” said Antonio Girona of Hydroacoustics, the official distributor for CodaOctopus in Spain, who facilitated the sale of the system. “Now, with the precise real-time visualisation of the underwater work area provided by the Echoscope system, our customer has already reported improved accuracy and significant time savings.”

Derya Taktak, CodaOctopus Sales Manager added, “UTE Langosteira quickly recognised the unique benefits that the Echoscope system would bring to this breakwater construction project. We are delighted that Hydroacoustics initiated the proposal and the subsequent demonstration of the system in Spain. Given the attendance of other port authorities at the demonstration we are looking forward to further Echoscope enquiries through Hydroacoustics.”