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Robotics, surveys and inspection for Offshore Wind [ORE Catapult Webinar]

Robotics, surveys and inspection for Offshore Wind [ORE Catapult Webinar]

07 July 2020
Venue: Webinar

This event has concluded. The presentation delivered is available below.

This webinar explored the main subsea inspection and survey needs of an offshore wind farm, and in particular how robotics and autonomous systems can respond to the challenges this presents. Subsea operations are costly and, in the case of diver-led operations, hazardous. It also presented some of the cutting edge technologies being developed by innovative companies with the support of ORE Catapult.


Alex Louden is an Innovation Manager at ORE Catapult. He works with companies, supporting them to develop their technology for the offshore renewable energy sector. Alex helps to deliver and facilitate access to ORE Catapultís service offering for SMEs in three main areas of Research and Innovation, Commercialisation, and Company Growth in the Supply Chain. Alex has been involved in developing and managing a number of robotics-focussed projects supporting the adoption of this cutting-edge technology in offshore wind farm operations.



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