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Inspection Firm AISUS Offshore Completes Largest Project with Repsol Norge AS

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24 June 2020

An Aberdeen based remote inspection specialist has realised a major success with the completion of its largest project to date. AISUS Offshore, leading remote inspection technology firm, completed a complex inspection work-scope for Repsol Norge AS on the Yme platform 100km from the Norwegian coastline. The Yme field was initially developed by Statoil from 1996 to 2001 and is now being redeveloped by Repsol Norge AS.

The project saw AISUS perform the inspection of 15 lines within the main caisson tubular structure of the clients’ platform in order of providing results to verify previous plan assumptions. Each line was visually inspected utilising state of the art remotely deployed cameras which provided real-time footage for immediate analysis. Following the initial visual inspection, high-pressure water jetting of each line was performed to allow for ultrasonic inspection and the successful collection of caisson pipe wall thickness data.

The Caisson pipes varied in diameter from 3” to 36”, with some of the lines having diameter changes between lengths of 35m to 110m. In order to deliver the campaign successfully, AISUS was required to design and develop customised tooling for the varying operational requirements. Project demand saw AISUS’s highly experienced offshore Engineers perform 24-hour operations, providing completion of the inspection campaign within a 3-month timescale ahead of schedule.

Managing Director of AISUS, Andrew Mitchell, commented: "Not only is this the largest project completed by AISUS to date, but it highlights that our expertise can be harnessed regardless of the project location. We are committed to providing market-leading inspection solutions globally, and the successful completion of this Norwegian project for Repsol Norge AS complements our international growth strategy.”

Mitchell continued: "As the company continues to deliver reliable inspection and cleaning solutions for our clients globally, increased demand for our services internationally proves that our reputation for operational excellence is growing. This contract win and successful completion has been a major boost for the business, helping us achieve record-breaking results whilst gaining market-entry into the Norwegian continental shelf.”

A Repsol representative commented: "AISUS performed the cleaning and inspection work and the processing and delivery of inspection data, fully in compliance with Repsol Norge AS requirements. The detailed data gathered by the work performed provides the information Repsol Norge AS need to confirm that all caisson pipes status on the Yme Platform are fully concurrent with previous project estimates. The inspection work and the results of the work are regarded to be a success for the Project.”

AISUS deployed multiple tools from the series of in-house developed technology, including the innovative ultrasonic inspection tool SIRIUS®. AISUS has the ability to design, develop, and manufacture inspection technology tailored to various types of project demands.

Andrew Mitchell, AISUS Offshore, Managing Director
Inspection Firm AISUS Offshore Completes Largest Project with Repsol Norge AS