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Skippers Technology Australia continuously supports and maintains the navigation equipment onboard tall ship

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17 September 2020

Teledyne Marine is proud to announce that the STS Leeuwin II, through Skippers Technology, is updating the navigation equipment with a TSS Meridian.

STS Leeuwin II is Australia’s largest sail-training tall ship, a beautiful three-masted 1850’s-style barquentine built, owned and operated in Western Australia by the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation Limited, a registered Western Australian charity.

Leeuwin Ocean Adventure’s programs develop core skills for life in young people. Leeuwin Ocean Adventure voyages change lives, building social confidence and courage, accountability and tolerance, resilience and trust in young people as they transition to adulthood. An understanding of the values of good teamwork and leadership are developed in a supportive and positive learning environment. 

Skippers Technology, a family owned Australian company, have been supporting the navigation equipment on the STS Leeuwin since the vessel was built 34 years ago. 

As part of the current maintenance of the STS Leeuwin the navigation system is being updated to a new Meridian Standard Gyro. 

"In approx 2012 I supplied and installed a new Meridian Teledyne Rev B Standard Gyro with 3 Teledyne TSS bearing repeaters. The Gyro hasn't missed a beat. Says Jim Bain, owner of Skippers Technology, "and now as part of the recent upgrade of the vessel Leeuwin Ocean Adventure wants me to supply and fit a new Meridian Gyro and 3 repeater bowls.”

The Meridian Gyrocompass product range is suitable for the ever-changing needs of the modern bridge system. This includes highly accurate performance with low cost of ownership and system flexibility. Due to the Meridian's small size and fast settle time of less than 45 minutes, there are no limits to the type of vessel for which it is suitable.

The Meridian Gyrocompass can be installed as a stand-alone unit or, together with any of the TSS range of repeaters and ancillaries, it becomes a single, dual or triple gyro system. 
​The Meridian Standard provides a dynamic heading accuracy of 0.30° secant latitude RMS and a static heading accuracy of 0.10° secant latitude RMS. Whereas, the higher performance Meridian Surveyor provides a dynamic heading accuracy of 0.20° secant latitude RMS and a static heading accuracy of 0.05° secant latitude RMS.