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Prevco announces new high-flow pressure release valve

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19 October 2020

Prevco has developed a new High-Flow Pressure Relief Valve in response to customer demand.

The valve is based on the engineering principles of Prevco's current range of PRVís with the exception that the flow rate is much higher, reaching a flow rate of 7SCFM@36psi (11,89 m3/h @2.48 bar) which can be customised to a higher or lower flow rate according to customersí needs.

The valves can be made from Stainless Steel, Titanium or Inconel 625 and can operate at depth ranges of up to 6000m or more in temperatures ranging from 26C to 130C (-15F to 266F) Several hundred of these valves are now in use as anulus vent valves for flexible risers in the oil and gas industry, but there are doubtless many other applications where pressure vessels may need to be brought to the surface quickly while off-gassing any potentially dangerous internal pressure.

Due to the customisable nature of the valves, they are not sold as standard stock products but Prevco is available to engage to explore options and customise the valves to clients' own needs.