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Hydramec celebrates 30 years in business

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08 December 2020

Over the last thirty years, Hydramec have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience designing and building Launch and Recovery Systems, specialising in bespoke marine handling  systems.  

Founded in 1990 by Peter Church, Hydramec started out repairing ships deck equipment and various hydraulic repairs for local clients in the Great Yarmouth area; now being one of the longest standing family-run engineering businesses in the area. In 1996, Peter was approached to build the first Hydramec LARS from scratch, this became Hydramec's first crane LARS. Then in 1999, Hydramec built its first A-Frame LARS, which has now become one of its most built products. Hydramec have continued to use this as the basis for all standard LARS’ and to adapt and advance others. 

Having been in the firm since 1992, starting as an engineering apprentice, Danny Church took over the business in 2013. Following this, Hydramec has been ever-expanding to become industry leaders in launch and recovery systems, with over 200 operating across the globe. Hydramec have also advanced its systems over the years to have active heave compensation (AHC), constant tension systems, electric drive winches or bespoke control systems. 

The company has not only expanded in size over the years but also its services. Hydramec now offer full coded fabrication, offshore coatings, marine engineering, repair, amongst many other things all in house; meaning even faster turn around and expand the products deliverable to customers.  

Over the past few years, Hydramec have realised the need to diversify into other sectors. This has opened up new areas to which Hydramec have already delivered Launch and Recovery Solutions. The latest being a full AHC electric winch and hydraulic A-Frame to the Royal New Zealand Navy. Additionally, Hydramec have been building more and more bespoke LARS’ for the Renewable Energy industry as well as becoming heavily involved in the rapidly growing autonomous vessel sector.  

Danny Church, Managing Director at Hydramec said: "30 years is a massive milestone for Hydramec. To see the progression from a one-man business to a multi-million-pound turnover company today, employing 50 staff, is a testament to the extremely hard work Audrey and Peter put into starting and laying the foundations of Hydramec and becoming the global leader we consider ourselves to be today. Having an excellent team of people who believe in where I see the company going has given me the confidence to expand the business to meet our client’s extensive needs. I want to thank everyone who has supported us on the way to this great milestone.”  

Looking to the future, Hydramec will continue to give clients cost-efficient and more environmentally friendly products. Hydramec continue to grow, and have some very exciting projects in the works.  

Hydramec Founder Peter Church, working on a winch system  
Hydramec celebrates 30 years in business