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Teledyne Marine Announces New Upgraded Universal Topside System

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21 January 2021

Teledyne is pleased to announce the availability of its new UTS-9500 Universal Topside System used to communicate with and command their full line of acoustic modems and releases.  The UTS-9500 offers customers a CE marked, enhanced replacement to the UTS-9400 unit.  The updated portable topside delivers a highly intuitive and flexible Graphical User Interface (GUI) that removes the need for an additional laptop, something particularly useful for deployments from RHIBs or smaller vessels.  The redesigned UTS-9500 is also lighter than its predecessor, adding to the system portability, and features new rechargeable lithium ion battery technology that will lessen required maintenance cycles.  Other new features include enhanced corrosion resistance, improved system safety, and an enhanced communication port.

As with the UTS-9400, the UTS-9500 also offers optional GNSS functionality, allowing users to survey in their mooring without the need for an external PC. This saves valuable time and money by allowing the user to precisely calculate and record where their acoustic release and/or modem is deployed for fast and easy detection and recovery using a minimal set of hardware.