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WFS Delivers Wireless Capability to Beerenberg‘s Subsea Conductor Cutting Tool (CCT)

22 April 2010

WFS Energy & Environment, a division of WFS Technologies announced successful delivery of its Seatooth® wireless broadband radio modem and wireless power transfer technology to Beerenberg Corp AS.

Beerenberg has delivered this unique and complex tool for Caldive for use in Gulf of Mexico decommissioning projects, enabled by the integration of WFS wireless technology. The cutting tool comprises two “rings” around the conductor: one ring is fixed on the conductor, and the other ring containing the cutting tool sits above it. The top section rotates and severs the conductor ready for removal from the well. The upper and lower parts of the tool exchange data wirelessly throughout the operation using the WFS Seatooth® broadband radio link, to ensure the task is completed accurately, whilst at the same time the static part of the tool transfers power to the rotating part using WFS Wireless Power Transfer technology.

A conventional tool for disconnecting subsea pipes and conductor would require an umbilical to deliver power and data from a vessel on the surface. Snagging and tangling of wires is often seen with subsea cabling, but with cables attached to a rotating unit those issues would increase. By allowing the two units to communicate and recharge wirelessly using WFS technology, downtime of equipment is minimized and overall operational performance is improved.