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Floating offshore wind: opportunities in dynamic cables systems and mooring and anchoring systems (Webinar with ORE Catapult)

Floating offshore wind: opportunities in dynamic cables systems and mooring and anchoring systems (Webinar with ORE Catapult)

09 March 2021
Venue: Webinar (15:30 - 17:00 GMT)

This event has concluded. The presentation is available to download below.

In an effort to boost the UK’s floating offshore wind industry, ORE Catapult has established the Floating Offshore Wind Centre of Excellence (FOW CoE) to accelerate the commercialisation of floating offshore wind in the UK, and more broadly. The Centre will accelerate the build-out of floating farms, create opportunities for the UK supply chain, and drive innovations in manufacturing, installation and O&M.

As part of their work programme, the FOW CoE, in conjunction with Subsea UK, are running a series of webinars on critical subsea components in floating offshore wind – specifically dynamic cable systems and mooring and anchoring systems.

This introductory session provided an overview of the projected growth of the FOW industry in the UK and internationally, an introduction to the FOW CoE and an overview of two relevant projects:

  • Dynamic Cables and Ancillary Systems
  • Mooring and Anchoring Systems

  • Size of the Prize - FOW deployment targets (UK & Global), FOW role in offshore wind;
  • Overview of FOW CoE - a specific focus on opportunities for supply chain engagement;
  • Subsea Cable Sector - putting FOW in context - Guest Speaker: Rystad;
Delegates discovered insights into the predicted FOW deployment rates until 2050, the size of opportunity for the supply chain in the broader subsea industry context, an overview of ongoing work in the CoE and how to engage with work on dynamic cables and mooring systems.


Angeliki Spyroudi, Senior Strategy Analyst

Angeliki is Senior Strategy Analyst in the Analysis & Insights team responsible for delivering ORE Catapult’s market intelligence reports, investigating and analysing current industry trends giving strategic insights of the offshore renewable energy market. She conducts financial modelling on a variety of renewable energy projects to identify cost reduction potential and explores the commercial viability of innovative technologies to support SMEs. She has worked on a number of floating wind projects collaborating with key industry stakeholders performing market research and cost modelling analysis. The most recent analysis focused on the cost comparison of tow to shore and fix on-site maintenance strategies for major repairs in floating wind as part of the Offshore Wind Innovation Hub (OWIH).

The presentation covered ORE Catapult’s view of the floating wind market, including deployment targets and capacity growth. It will provide insight into the role floating wind will play in the upcoming UK leasing rounds, referring to specific project opportunities while highlighting the importance of a strong UK supply chain to support the growing market.

Ellen Jump, Project Engineer

Ellen Jump is a Project Engineer within the ORE Catapult’s Operational Performance team, focused on floating offshore wind projects. She has a background in mechanical engineering and has been with ORE Catapult since 2018 – first working across a range of tidal and wind energy projects before joining the floating wind team in autumn 2020. Ellen is the ORE Catapult technical lead for a number of the Floating Offshore Wind Centre of Excellence projects, including those in mooring and anchoring systems, and dynamic cabling. She has also recently worked on Energy Transition Alliance projects with OGTC on floating offshore wind for oil and gas decarbonisation and floating offshore wind supply chain.

This presentation gave a high level overview of current ORE Catapult programmes related to floating wind and the supply chain, particularly Fit 4 Offshore Renewables and the Floating Offshore Wind Centre of Excellence (FOW CoE). It will then outline two particular ongoing CoE projects relating to mooring and anchoring systems and dynamic cables. These projects aim to both increase technical understanding, and assess the future demand on the supply chain and the supply chain capability and capacity to meet demand.”

Alexander Fløtre, VP Energy Services Research

Alexander Fløtre is a Vice President in the Energy Services Research team at Rystad Energy. In his role as Product Manager for Rystad Energy’s Offshore Wind Solutions, his key focus is to cover the developments in the industry and analyze the future potential for offshore wind. Starting as a Management Consultant at Rystad Energy, Alexander has been with company since 2016. He holds an MSc in Economics from the Norwegian School of Economics and the Kenan-Flagler Business School (UNC).

The presentation looked at the forecast demand for offshore wind cables driven by floating wind, and the fundamentals driving this market. The section will also aim to put the FOW cable market into context of the general offshore wind cable market, to assess the size of this opportunity for potential suppliers.


Ellen Jump - download presentation (pdf)

Angeliki Spyroudi - download presentation (pdf)

Alexander Fløtre - download presentation (pdf)