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Aberdeen Plays Host to Global Oil & Gas Pipeline Technology Forum

11 August 2008

11 August 2008

A global forum to promote shared knowledge of flexible pipe in the subsea sector is being held in Aberdeen on Thursday 24th April 2008.

The Flexible Network Forum (FNF) has been set up by subsea engineering company MCS in a bid to promote shared learning and generate cross-company relationships in the subsea engineering community.

Over 30 representatives from companies such as BP, Nexen, Total, Subsea 7, Acergy will attend this forum.

The meeting will examine the HSE’s feedback on learnings in the flexible pipe industry with a presentation entitled “Flexibles : HSE Intervention Plans”, and provide an overview of Oil & Gas UK’s newly launched initiative to develop a Global Flexible Pipe Defects and Failure Modes Database and to update its Guidance Note on Flexible Pipe Integrity Assurance.

“The purpose is to share and disseminate knowledge, ideas, experience and technology among companies so that the industry can ensure pipe integrity, while also looking at how the life of pipe can be extended,” explains Tim O’Sullivan, managing director of MCS in Aberdeen.

Accurate assessments of historical records of flexible pipe usage have led to an increased understanding of the potential reasons for failure and the development of operating strategies and procedures to avoid incidents.

O’Sullivan explained: “Techniques for the inspection and monitoring of flexible pipe, including conventional general visual inspection (GVI) techniques are widely available and technologies are being developed which reduce the need for GVI when part of an integrity management strategy. As we are leading the way in this field, we believe the forum will allow for more constructive pan-industry conversations on the whole issue of integrity.”

The Flexible Network Forum was set up in Aberdeen over two years ago to facilitate open discussion and sharing of lessons learnt in the flexible pipe industry, and has involved operators, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and regulatory bodies across the North Sea oil and gas industry.

MCS has been involved in over 90% of the UK North Sea’s FPSO projects involving flexible pipe. With over ten years experience in developing and implementing integrity management strategies for flexible and rigid pipe subsea systems in the North Sea and internationally, the company has also been involved in writing the industry guidelines on flexible pipe integrity management and is currently running a Flexible Pipe Technology Joint Industry Project which, towards the end of this year, will result in new and significantly improved API standards for the specification, design, testing and manufacture of flexible pipe in the industry. This will ultimately facilitate much improved integrity and the wider use of flexible pipe into the future. This extensive experience has positioned them as leading experts in integrity management strategies for subsea systems.

The subsea engineering business now has almost 200 people working across offices in, Galway, Aberdeen, Houston, Rio de Janeiro, Perth, Australia and Kuala Lumpur.