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Mooring and Anchoring Systems (ORE Catapult Webinar)

Mooring and Anchoring Systems (ORE Catapult Webinar)

11 May 2021
Venue: Webinar (15:30 - 17:00)

This event has concluded. Presentations are available below and the recording is available to Subsea UK members.


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Event details

2In an effort to boost the UK’s floating offshore wind industry, ORE Catapult has established the Floating Offshore Wind Centre of Excellence (FOW CoE) to accelerate the commercialisation of floating offshore wind in the UK, and more broadly. The Centre will accelerate the build-out of floating farms, create opportunities for the UK supply chain, and drive innovations in manufacturing, installation and O&M. 

As part of ORE Catapult's  work programme, the FOW CoE, in conjunction with Subsea UK, are running a series of webinars on critical subsea components in floating offshore wind – specifically dynamic cable systems and mooring and anchoring systems.

This webinar will look at specifically at mooring and anchoring technologies in FOW, and provide an introduction to the Mooring and Anchoring Systems project currently being delivered by the FOW CoE. This project is focused on FOW mooring and anchoring systems, and has been developed to both increase understanding of technical requirements for UK FOW projects in this area, and to understand the requirements and opportunities for the supply chain.

Agenda and Speakers

Introduction with Neil Gordon, CEO, Subsea UK

Alistair Lee, ORE Catapult
FOW CoE and Mooring Project Overview
Alistair Lee is an engineer in the Floating Offshore Wind and Turbines team at the ORE Catapult. As a Naval Architect and Ocean Engineering graduate from the University of Strathclyde, Alistair has been involved with academic aspects of floating wind as well as the commercial side, with both his bachelor’s and master’s projects being based in floating wind. Since graduating, Alistair’s experience has stayed in renewables, seeing him working in data analysis of offshore wind, floating tidal and now working with the Floating Wind Centre of Excellence, specialising in anchoring and moorings.

Tom McCombes, First Marine Solutions
Technical Overview of Mooring Systems in FOW, CoE project update
Tom has 15 years R&D experience including analysis, lab testing, prototyping and sea trials within the renewables sector. He is currently a Senior Project Engineer at First Marine Solutions where he is the Project Lead for the ORE Catapult Floating Wind Centre of Excellence project on Mooring and Anchoring Systems. As well as experience in numerous major UK and international cutting-edge research projects, he has industrial experience in live offshore renewable energy projects. He has operational experience in designing, building, installing and decommissioning novel grid offshore renewables projects.

Bob Coclough, Morek Engineering
Technical Overview of Mooring Systems in FOW, CoE project update
Since studying Naval architecture at the University of Southampton Bob has been captivated by the challenge of generating clean renewable energy from the marine environment.  Over the past 15 years this has involved a wide variety of challenges across many unique renewable and subsea technologies.  In 2019 Bob founded Morek Engineering, with the specific objective of offering applied naval architecture and marine engineering from the agile position of an SME.  Morek, based in Falmouth UK, has the firm objective of contributing to the roll out of FLOW, both in their local Celtic sea and beyond.  

Greg Moszgai, Bridon Bekaert
Supply Chain Insights and Lessons Learned
Greg Mozsgai recently joined Bridon-Bekaert and serves as business development manager for synthetic rope. He received his MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2003 and since then has work primarily in R&D and engineering in the electrochemical fuel cell and high performance fibre rope industries. In 12 years in the fibre rope business, he has develop numerous new products across a range of applications. Greg currently resides in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Herbjørn Haslum, Equinor
Developer Insights and Lessons Learned
Herbjørn Haslum holds a PhD degree in marine hydrodynamics from NTNU in Trondheim Norway. Herbjørn has more than 20 years' experience from various floater designs, mooring design, and marine operations. Before joining Equinor, he worked on several deep-water field development projects at Technip in Houston. He is currently a Leading engineer at Equinor, dealing with development of new floating wind concepts, mooring system technology and early phase projects.