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Global Offshore Deepsea Mining & Minerals: a new frontier?

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09 March 2021

As the world reduces its reliance on fossil fuels, the surge in new green energy sources has begun. Renewable energy projects are expanding at a pace, accounting for 26% of world electricity today, and reaching 30% by 2024 (source: IEA).

This rapid growth is placing increasing pressure on the sourcing and availability of rare metals and minerals for the manufacture and development of wind turbines, low carbon energy technologies, electric & conventional automobiles (think batteries and catalytic converters), portable electronic devices, communications, industrial magnets, computers, screens and monitors, fluorescent lighting, and much more - the electrical energy now being generated and utilised for use within high-technology and low carbon industries, needs to be stored. The demand for storage is growing, fast, fuelling huge demand for batteries. All need Rare Earth Metals for their production and supply.

To date these Rare Earth Metals, have been sourced from onshore mining, China produces ~95% of world supply, but is reducing exports and increasing prices.

With millions of tons of un-tapped metals and minerals on the deep ocean seabed, countries are turning to self-sourcing these minerals and metals and Deepsea Mining is one dynamic way to a sustainable future, especially as seabed minerals require no drilling, blasting or heavy excavation.

Deepsea mining represents a new frontier, a new source of these Rare Earth Metals and Minerals.

GreySellsGlobal are actively researching the world’s locations of deepsea mining activity and minerals sources to feature within their new Global Offshore Deepsea Mining & Minerals Activity Map, planned for release in the summer 2021.

Full details on the content and coverage of this new map can be found within the Media/Upcoming Maps section of the GreySellsGlobal website. 

Get your FREE digital pdf copies of the map (in advance of publication) here.