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Ecosse IP wins US Innovation Funding and UK Innovation Award for their Mass of Water Turbine (MOWT)

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31 March 2021

Ecosse IP Ltd (EIP) are delighted to announce two successes in recent weeks:

- Being awarded Marine Renewable Energy Funding from the US Department of Energy
- Winning the Inspiration from Innovation category at the Northern Star Business Awards

The U.S. Department of Energy has selected 23 American and international projects under its Marine Energy testing programme Ė TEAMER Ė which accelerates the viability of marine renewables by providing access to the USAís top facilities and expertise to foster innovation and drive commercialisation. The programme offers EIP fully funded access to the Sandia National Laboratory in Albuquerque for specialised modelling to improve paddle design and increase power output.

The TEAMER programme chose EIPís MOWT because of its unique design to generate power from the volume of water hitting multiple submerged paddles, and is being optimised to generate power in relatively slow moving water.

EIPís dedication to developing revolutionary new products is what prompted the Northern Star Business Awards judges to select the team and their latest MOWT turbine product, as winners of the ĎInspiration from Innovationí category. The judges were impressed by the speed of development, their hands-on prototyping, and practical approach to product enhancements and testing.

Dorothy Burke, Managing Director Ė EIP commented: "We were delighted to win funding from the US TEAMER programme. On top of that, to win the Innovation category at the Northern Star Business Awards was the icing on the cake. It has been a challenging year for everyone across all industries, but despite that, EIPís engineers have managed to achieve great results developing our Mass of Water Turbine. The turbine complements EIPís Ambient Lifter subsea buoyancy-based lifting device, our Offshore Floating Wind installation and mooring solutions and our Carousel for deploying/storing offshore wind and communication cables.

MOWT (Mass of Water Turbine) generates renewable energy from slow-moving water in rivers, inland waterways and offshore and can deliver kilowatts to multi-megawatts in slow moving water from scalable, modular devices. EIPís engineering team have been working on the product technology and in-water testing and are engaging academic specialists in the US and UK to optimise the hydrodynamics of the design. MOWT is a solution for both the public and private sectors; it offers a cost-effective renewable energy solution, enhances environmental sustainability and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

MOWT is ideally suited in the drive towards Net Zero, powering installations and businesses across a range of sectors, such as offshore oil and gas, distilleries, aquaculture, towns, remote communities, historic buildings and Smart Cities, for example. MOWT is in the final stages of development and enhancement and will be available in 2022.