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Hydramec delivers Scorpion LARS to Louis Dreyfus Travocean

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07 April 2021

Hydramec have designed and built a bespoke Launch and Recovery System (LARS) for Louis Dreyfus Travocean which is being used to Launch their own purposely designed ROV, which will be put to in the wind energy sector.

Having been approached by our long-time customers, Louis Dreyfus Travocean to design and build a system that could be operated with an 8-metre outreach we instantly started creating several conceptual ideas. Within 20 weeks, our team at Hydramec have been able to design, build and deliver a unique Launch and Recovery System to our clients.

The client expressed a desire to keep the A-Frame as low as possible, both for launching and when stowed. Hydramec then came up with the ‘Z’ frame design. To achieve the 8m outreach and keep the height low the A-frame needed to have a knuckle boom function and a Telescopic boom.

With full Lloyds approval, the Scorpion LARS has been designed and built to give operational flexibility whilst achieving maximum outreach. Also meaning that the ROV can be safely landed on the deck whilst still locked in the snubber. This takes away the need for personnel participation in the Launch and recovery process except for that of the LARS operator. This design also allows the ROV and top hat TMS to be separated for maintenance. As well as this, a 1m outreach platform was separately supplied with the system to give the ROV some more workspace.

For ease, the LARS can retract into its stowed position without the use of cranes, personnel changing pins and so on. With the boom section acting as a crane to move items back and forth on the deck space below within having to employ the A-Frame outboard.

The loads on the A-frame meant that normal S355J2 material would not have been strong enough for the telescopic section of the system. With this in mind Hydramec searched, procured and engineered this part of the A-frame from quard high strength material. Due to this we had to write up and carry out a specialist weld procedure for this material.

Hydramec’s Managing Director, Danny Church said "The delivery of the bespoke scorpion LARS once again proves that Hydramec can go above and beyond to achieve in a short space of time all the requirements of our customers. From concept to delivery in 20 weeks is an amazing achievement by the whole Hydramec team. This order has also cemented our relationship with Louis Dreyfus Travocean with them ordering a second Scorpion LARS and one of our standard HH97 LARS straight of the back of the successful delivery of this first unit”.
Hydramec delivers Scorpion LARS to Louis Dreyfus Travocean