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Powerful New Package for Seismic Interpretation from CodaOctopus

18 May 2010

Previewed for the first time at Oceanology International in March, Seismic+ is the first element of the all-new Coda Survey Engine range. Incorporating the latest database technology, Coda Survey Engine is based on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and CodaOctopus is inviting interested professionals to try the new package for themselves with a free demonstration DVD and illustrative video tutorial.

Coda GeoSurvey software has been at the heart of worldwide geophysical survey operations for many years and the new interpretation package capitalises on its enviable reputation for outstanding time-saving advantages in all types of geophysical processing. In addition to all the vital tools of the original GeoSurvey software, Seismic+ boasts many powerful new features, making it indispensable to geophysical professionals.

A new GIS overview window shows the track of every line in the database, overlaid onto charts or other relevant survey imagery such as sidescan mosaics, multibeam bathymetry or magnetometer contours. Transparency layers allow direct comparison of adjacent parallel survey lines and crossline intersections are displayed. The widest range of file formats is supported and Seismic+ is fully compatible with existing CodaOctopus software and acquisition systems, as well as products from all leading manufacturers.

An easy upgrade path is open to customers already using a Coda GeoKit Seismic dongle and discounts are available for members of the CodaOctopus team service and support programme.