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Flint Subsea continue to develop mid-line emergency quick disconnect high-angle testing

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30 April 2021

Flint Subsea, a global supplier of Emergency Quick Disconnect (EQD) systems, continue to develop and perform world first testing on its range of mid-line Emergency Quick Disconnects.

Testing of the midline Emergency Quick Disconnect devices has traditionally presented several challenges including, most significantly, performing angle disconnect and preventing discharge of the internal fluid during disconnection. The latter is critical to prove that the device would be capable of disconnecting when there is significant volumes present, upstream or downstream, maintaining internal pressure.

In a first, Flint Subsea performed a complete function test on their device at 15 degrees with it connected to a 2 Black Eagle hose and the pressure at 690bar.

In what is believed to be unique, in testing, the Flint Subsea Mid-Line EQD is able to maintain pressure throughout the disconnect stroke without discharge or requirement for external accumulation. This is achieved through its pressure balanced design and integrated check valves.

The testing, witnessed by DNV, was performed as part of certification work for a system to be deployed by a major client in the APAC region.

Gareth Black, Flint Subsea technical director said, "the continued, and regular, testing of our device in increasingly harsh setups is showing how robust and reliable our device really is. We can go to bed at night knowing that in the event that one of our fleet is called upon to disconnect at full working pressure and high-angle, that it will do so, every time.
Flint Subsea continue to develop mid-line emergency quick disconnect high-angle testing