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SeeTrack CoPilot - The Power to Navigate

01 June 2010

SeeByte, the global leader in creating smart software for unmanned underwater vehicles, is pleased to announce the launch of SeeTrack CoPilot. This software incorporates the latest evolution of SeeByte’s smart technology for dynamic positioning and enhanced control for Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) operations.

“This is an exciting new addition to the SeeTrack product-range. Our experience improving ROV control systems has helped us develop the most comprehensive set of smart software tools to carry out improved survey, inspection and intervention work. With SeeTrack CoPilot our customers have, at their disposal, a revolutionary set of piloting tools that deliver complex operations at the touch of a button: from choosing where to move the ROV by clicking on a chart to laying-out a survey route with multiple waypoints that the ROV will move to automatically. We also offer target tracking using new generation sonars so that the system can be made to station-keep relative to targets like pier legs, risers and buoys. This software is now globally accessible to ROV operators of both observation and work-class ROVs” remarked Ioseba Tena, Sales Manager for SeeByte.

“Our aim with SeeTrack CoPilot was to lend the pilot the support needed to fly the ROV in all conditions by automating and simplifying the ROV control. I am happy to say that we have met and surpassed our aim and as a result our customers are benefiting from improved productivity and better data. SeeTrack CoPilot has proven to be useful in challenging environments with low visibility and strong currents” commented Jon Wood Vice President of Operations for SeeByte.

SeeByte will be exhibiting at UDT Hamburg and MAST Americas in June and at UUVS Southampton later in the year, where further information can be obtained on all SeeTrack software, including SeeTrack CoPilot