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Bowtech Underwater Ultra Low Light Camera Takes the Lead

23 July 2008

23 July 2008

In the sub sea world, seeing in the dark is key.


An industry first, the Bowtech Explorer EXTREME further enhances the qualities of the field proven, Bowtech Explorer camera.


Surpassing the sensitivity of the SIT cameras of old, the EXTREME is truly a quantum leap forward in underwater Ultra Low Light Level viewing.

Featuring the latest EMCCD technology the EXTREME uses Electron Multiplying (EM) to give a superb 85% to 95% Quantum Efficiency (QE), in that critical underwater Blue/Green light region.

Added to that, a low noise floor ensures great CCD sensitivity, with the attendant lower life-cycle cost benefits, that such solid state technology brings.

Increased spatial resolution and signal to noise ratio, gives a wide dynamic range. There is no halo from bright sources and naturally the EMCCD is not susceptible to damage from bright lights.

With auto-iris control this night and day advance in underwater camera technology, is available now from Bowtech Products AquaVision range of advanced cameras and underwater lighting solutions.