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RamBase strengthens digital infrastructure between UK and Norway

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11 June 2021

With the worldwide demand for data increasing exponentially, the installation of a  submarine, 700-kilometer long high-capacity fiber-optic data cable between the UK and Norway, is a good investment for a stronger internet connection between the two countries. Consistent with their drive for digital innovation, one of the investors of the fiber cable is RamBase owner, Hatteland. 

The cable system, NO-UK COM AS, connecting Norway and the UK started its installation operation on June 6th. The NO-UK cable will provide 260 Tbit/s capacity with a designed latency of approximately 7 ms between the cable landing stations in Rennesøy in Norway and Newcastle in the UK. The cable system is expected to be ready by the end of Q4 2021 and opens up a new digital highway between the two countries.

Geir Ims, Chairman of the Board of NO-UK COM said: "This new high-speed cable will provide a significant reinforcement of data communication in and out of Norway at the same time as it improves delivery security."

The investment in North Sea fiber is carried out in collaboration with Lyse / Altibox, BKK, Ryfylke IKS, Green Mountain and Hatteland Group. 

Hatteland - Ambitions for the future

Hatteland is renowned for its innovation and investment in digital technology. The exciting era of digital transformation and new technology combined with Hatteland's aim to support ideas that creates ripple effects locally, nationally and internationally, makes this investment in line with Hatteland's goal to enable people and companies to succeed in the future.

A high-capacity fiber-optic data cable between Norway and the UK will enable data centers to be established in the region. This cable system will also create jobs and opportunities for local businesses. Combined with cold Nordic air and sea temperatures for cooling, abundant hydroelectric power supply and a highly competent workforce, the submarine cable will make our region a prime location for the jobs of the future.

Stig Hatteland, CEO Hatteland said: "The work of facilitating modern fiber communication is a prerequisite for the development the business community depends on in the future."

With several internet-driven companies under their wings, the cable system will be a great benefit for other companies in the Hatteland Group including Cloud ERP platform RamBase, cybersecurity provider EMP Secure, and quality management system Inosa.

For RamBase, the ERP Platform already delivers its solution over the internet to large parts of the world and the system is designed with speed in mind at all times. The new UK-NO cable will further strengthen RamBase's offering, especially to the UK and the US. British customers will find that our data center, which is certified to the highest tier of redundancy, is even closer and even faster. 

Connecting Europe

The fiber cable to the UK will be part of a larger European fiber network that ensures a robust and first-class digital infrastructure. Through the North Sea fiber and a new fiber cable between Larvik and Hirtshals, Norway will be connected with central digital hubs such as London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Hamburg. 

This means that Norway becomes a gateway to the major data center hubs in Ireland, Denmark and Sweden; places where major players like Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Amazon already have large data centers.

County Mayor of Rogaland, Marianne Chesak said: "This is a big day for Norway, and Rogaland in particular. The new fiber connection between Stavanger and Newcastle will provide a lightning-fast data connection to the European markets and open up opportunities for strong growth in the new power processing industry in Norway; data center industry."

Consolidating Hattelands's position in global communications

The UK already has a long history in world-class submarine communications links as demonstrated in the trans-Atlantic connections from the US to the UK via North Cornwall.

Commenting on this latest investment by Hatteland Group, Tony Flanagan, UK Business Manager for RamBase, explained that digital innovation is in the DNA of Hatteland Group and is the latest example in their 50-year history of being at the forefront of the digital transformation. 

Tony Flannagan, UK Business Manager, RamBase said: "It is exciting to be part of a group of companies that demonstrates foresight and leadership; to see a challenge or opportunity for growth and to get involved as part of the solution, is very rewarding. The RamBase Cloud platform itself, is an example of where Hattleland identified a need for a flexible, industry specific ERP solution and unable to find a traditional option that was future proofed and a good industry fit, they built their own and RamBase was born!

"This investment in NO-UK COM is another indication of the strength and commitment of the Hatteland Group to be an enabler for business growth and digital enterprise."

Vessel 'Normand Clipper' will do the installation work. Photo credit: Halvard Bøe/Green Mountain
RamBase strengthens digital infrastructure between UK and Norway