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Peregrino Mooring Line and STP Buoy Installation Completed Offshore Brazil

04 June 2010

The installation of the First Subsea mooring line connectors for the Peregrino submerged turret production (STP) buoy has now been completed, in preparation for the arrival of the turret moored FPSO, owned and operated by Maersk FPSOs.

Moored in 100m of water, in Peregrino field, Block BM-C-7, Campos Basin, Brazil, the STP buoy mooring system comprises 10 mooring lines arranged in three clusters anchored to the seabed. The buoy mooring lines consist of a driven pile and bottom chain attached to a spiral strand wire segment and a male Ballgrab mooring line connector. Each of the male connectors were connected to female Ballgrab connectors mounted around the side of the STP buoy. All subsea connections to the buoy were performed quickly and trouble-free by use of ROV.

The Peregrino STP Buoy and mooring system is supplied by Advanced Production and Loading (APL), a BW Offshore division.

Buoy Pull-in Tool to Retrieve Buoy

When the Peregrino FPSO arrives at the field, the STP buoy will be pulled in using a male Ballgrab buoy pull-in connector tool. It is lowered into a female connector integrated within the top of the STP buoy and used to pull the 600 tonne buoy into the vessel integrated mating cone module. Once the STP buoy has been pulled in and locked, the FPSO is permanently moored at its location.