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Coronavirus and Brexit guidance and support for your business (Scotland)

22 July 2021

The following has been circulated by the Scottish government:

Working to deliver economic transformation

Transforming Scotland's economy is a national endeavour. The Scottish Government wants you to submit your ideas, views and suggestions on their 10 year economic strategy. The deadline to contribute is 27 August 2021.

Technical webinars - issues that have arisen since January 2021 (for organisations that trade with the EU)

Bespoke technical webinars that address issues that have arisen across the different trading routes as the new rules have come into force.

Software developers providing customs declaration software

Check a list of software developers who can provide Customs Declaration Service and Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) software. (list updated 15th July 2021).

Innovation challenge: Zero Emissions Heavy Duty Vehicles

Grant funding for Scottish businesses to develop innovative solutions that will help the Heavy Duty Vehicles sector to decarbonise. This Scotland CAN DO funding call offers 100% of eligible project costs to help you undertake detailed design and assess the feasibility of your solution.

Low Carbon Transport Business Loan

This loan offers Scottish businesses up to £120,000 interest-free to help reduce the carbon impact and fuel costs of their transport arrangements through the purchase of new and more efficient vehicles.