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New Teledyne RESON multibeam echosounder 'pushes the boundaries of technology'

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28 July 2021

Teledyne Marine introduces revolutionary and unrivalled true 800 kHz technology with new SeaBat T51-R Multibeam echosounder from Teledyne RESON.

Detailed knowledge of the shape of the seafloor is crucial to humankind. Bathymetry data is critical for safety of navigation, environmental considerations, charting, and many other applications.

Teledyne Marine has developed a revolutionary multibeam echosounder which offers outstanding performance, mapping in greater details than ever seen before. The unrivalled true 800 kHz technology offers high-frequency resolution without compromising swath coverage, giving up to 150 degrees full swath width allowing for superior efficiency and short survey turn-around time.

The new SeaBat T51-R from Teledyne Marine pushes the boundaries of what is technically possible.  It is the latest addition to our class-leading portfolio of marine survey solutions. Built on the renowned SeaBat T-series technology crafted from decades of sonar experience, the SeaBat T51-R helps you drive efficiency onboard with fast throughput of exceptionally clean data and precise imagery.

We have combined groundbreaking new technology, autonomous features, unprecedented data quality and swath performance, all with the focus on ease of use and short survey turn-around time, so you can optimize use of resources and manpower.

The new SeaBat T51-R will provide unparalleled details of seabed topography and will thus take your bathymetry data to a whole new level.

Sunken barge off Copenhagen harbour

New Teledyne RESON multibeam echosounder 'pushes the boundaries of technology'