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Coronavirus and Brexit guidance for your business (Scotland)

05 August 2021

Scotland to move beyond level 0

Scotland will move beyond level 0 from Monday 9 August, meaning that the legal requirement for physical distancing and limits on gatherings will be removed and all venues across Scotland will be able to re-open. Some protective measures will stay in place.


Marine and fisheries - EU export changes

From 21 August 2021 there will be new EU and Northern Ireland export requirements for live aquatic animals and seafood. The Marine and fisheries: exiting the EU guidance provides further information on the changes.


Contact lists of providers who support Customs Freight Simplified Procedures

The list of Customs Freight Simplified Procedures: traders - third party service providers has been updated. (28 July 2021)
Trade and customs: 2021-22 timeline

The Trade and customs timeline has recently been updated. Please check back regularly to ensure you are up to date with changing rules and regulations surrounding your business operations.


Brexit: guidance for businesses

Guidance on importing and exporting, travelling to the EU, providing services to the EU, transport goods to the EU and exchanging data with EU businesses.