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KW Group's High Pressure Testing Sonar Technology

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25 August 2021

One of many high pressure hydrostatic testing systems that are currently in various stages of design and production. This bespoke pressure system has just been despatched to a major global defence sector manufacturer.

Complete with a 1100 litre volume, 1 metre internal bore customised pressure testing vessel with KWs safe and easy manual chock style of closure has customer specific ports and penetrations and is also fully equipped with an automated fluid management control system.

This system, like many of KWs advanced pressure testing systems has been designed to directly simulate the harsh deep ocean conditions and includes customer specific test profiles and procedures with data acquisition and reporting capabilities.

This particular pressure testing system has been designed and produced to enhance qualifying components for a number of technologically advanced sonar products.

KW are also providing a Written Scheme of Examination in line with the Pressure System Safety Regulations (PSSR:2000) to ensure the system is inspected annually, in line with all current relevant legislation.
KW Group's High Pressure Testing Sonar Technology