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Brazil energy news highlights from DIT

30 August 2021

The following news and market intelligence from Brazil has been compiled and circulated by the Department for International Trade (DIT).

On August 4th, the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) presented the guidelines of the National Hydrogen Plan (PNH2). The set of guidelines presented to the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE) also provides for the creation of a Technical Committee. You can find the complete plan by clicking here.  [EPBR - Portuguese Only]

The approval of Brazil’s distributed generation (DG) regulatory framework will create a "gold rush” of new projects, the president of local DG association ABGD, Carlos Evangelista, told BNamericas. The country’s lower house approved this month the bill to establish a transition period for the collection of fees and tariffs for the use of the distribution system by micro- and mini-generators. [BNAmericas]

Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund and Masdar owner Mubadala, and US investor EIG Global Energy Partners, have submitted plans for a 2.2GW offshore wind farm off the coast of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Prumo Logistica, a local group controlled by the two international partners, filed for an environmental license for the Ventos do Açu Offshore Wind Complex. It would be made up of four 540MW wind farms each with 36, 12-15MW turbines located 20 to 54km from shore at water depths of 14 to 67 metres. [Recharge News]

The government of Rio Grande do Norte state signed a memorandum of understanding with Enterprize Energy for technical, economic and environmental exchange cooperation actions for the implementation of offshore wind farms and production of hydrogen and green ammonia. "RN is an exceptional place for projects that can generate more than 2 GW. It has good geographic, production and storage conditions at sea and on land, and can become established as a center for green hydrogen production and distribution,” Ian Hatton, the group’s chief executive, said. [Brasil Energy]

Brazil has surpassed the milestone of 700,000 consumers who use distributed solar photovoltaic generation, according to a survey by the Brazilian Photovoltaic Solar Energy Association (Absolar). Solar DG represents more than 6.3 GW of operational installed capacity, and is responsible for attracting more than £ 4,4 billion in new investments to the country. It is estimated that there are more than 189,000 jobs accumulated in the period, spread over the five national regions. [Brasil Energy]

AES Brasil Energia has formed a joint venture with local food giant BRF for the purpose of wind power generation and sale of the energy to BRF under a power purchase agreement (PPA). The project has 160MW of installed wind capacity, equivalent to 25MWa of assured energy, of which 80MWa will be sold through a 15-year PPA to be signed between the JV and BRF on the closing date of the transaction and effective from 2024. [BNAmericas]

Brazil has surpassed 10 GW (gigawatts) of installed capacity in solar energy, reaching the fourteenth position among the countries with the greatest capacity of this source. The volume represents more than 70% of the installed capacity of the hydroelectric plant of Itaipu, the second largest in the world.. [BNAmericas]

The Brazilian Association for Waste Energy Recovery (Abren) informed that the A-5 new energy auction, scheduled for September 30, already has approximately 150 MW of energy registered from urban solid waste (USW) thermoelectric power plants. [Brasil Energy]

Brazil is taking steps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from its oil and gas activities, in efforts to offset the environmental impacts of expected increases in hydrocarbon production in the coming years. According to the mines and energy ministry (MME), national environmental commission Conama is analyzing the application of a resolution that sets maximum limits for atmospheric pollutants emitted by fixed sources on oil and gas platforms. [BNAmericas]

Petrobras launches tender for 3 FPSO subsea decommissioning - The federal oil company has launched a bidding process for engineering, preparation, and material removal and disposal services (EPRD) for the subsea systems of the Cidade do Rio de Janeiro, Cidade de Rio das Ostras and Piranema Spirit FPSOs. Commercial proposals must be submitted by October 13. [BNAmericas]
Brazil energy news highlights from DIT