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Tyne Pressure Testing carries out hyberbaric testing of subsea equipment for Siemens Energy

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09 September 2021

Tyne Pressure Testing tested a set of harnesses designed for a subsea environment within the oil and gas industry for client  Siemens Energy.

Hyperbaric ingress testing  with intermittent electrical verification testing was used to ensure that the harnesses were leak-proof, meaning they will not allow the penetration of water whilst under pressure. The testing was also used to ensure that the components conformed to the specifications set out in SEPS SP-1001.

Hyperbaric testing  chamber TPT 5, one of the largest chambers in the world, was used due to its size and ability to test to pressures reflecting 4,500m below sea level. Client manufactured bespoke flanges were used to facilitate the electrical testing.

The chamber pressure was increased at a rate of 20 Bar per minute up to a maximum pressure of 330 Bar, simulating pressures at 3,275m below sea level. As part of the testing, the external pressure was intermittently stabilised to allow electrical verification testing, otherwise known as insulation resistance testing, whilst the harnesses were under pressure.

The testing was overseen by Tyne Pressure Testing’s experienced engineers alongside an on-site client engineer, who was provided with a post-test document pack containing raw test data and a test record sheet.

All of the subsea harnesses successfully passed the testing, conforming with specification SEPS SP-1001, meaning they are suitable to be used within a subsea oil and gas setting.
Derek McNaughton, Project Manager at Siemens Energy, said: "I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone at Tyne Pressure Testing for all their assistance, and the pro-active way everyone approached what turned out to be quite a challenging project!”

Tyne Pressure Testing's nine hyperbaric chambers provide the flexibility to suit various components in terms of both size and pressure. This, along with an inherent knowledge of the testing requirements and standards required for the oil and gas industry, such as SEPS SP-1001, means Tyne Pressure Testing continues to be a preferred partner for engineering companies requiring hyperbaric testing of subsea equipment.