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Corrosion solutions for offshore renewable energy devices (OPIN webinar)

Corrosion solutions for offshore renewable energy devices (OPIN webinar)

02 December 2021
Venue: Webinar

On 2 December Sirris is organising the masterclass 'Corrosion solutions for offshore renewable energy devices', which will cover the challenge of corrosion in offshore renewable energy and targets a broad audience from the entire offshore value-chain, including problem owners, solution providers, O&M companies and research institutes. Six speakers will give a presentation. In this blogpost we will give you a glimpse of three. 

By looking at corrosion from both the challenge and solution side, the masterclass aims to facilitate communication between companies from both sides of the corrosion spectrum: those who see it as a problem and those who see it as an opportunity.

Geert Potters from Antwerp Maritime Academy will teach us what we can learn from corrosion phenomena in ballast tanks. Ballast tanks are of great importance in the lifetime of modern merchant ships. Making a ballast tanks less susceptible to corrosion can, therefore, prolong the useful life of a ship, but also of innovative floating wind substructures, thereby, lowering their operational cost.

The presentation by Ainhoa Cortes from the Basque research alliance CEIT will focus on the concept of the WATEREYE Project. WATEREYE will develop tools for corrosion monitoring and RUL ('Remaining Useful Life-time') forecasting for offshore wind turbine structures. These tools will allow the wind farm operator to achieve more efficient inspections, enabling him to predict failure in the tower structure or coating degradation.

Dan Kuchma from Tufts University (USA) will present a new research project for the U.S. offshore wind regulator which is examining corrosion protection on the interior of monopiles and the role of perforations or flushing holes on both corrosion and marine growth.