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NOC launches funding initiative to empower people to support ocean sustainability

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11 November 2021

Leading charity, the National Oceanography Centre, is calling on individuals and businesses to protect the future of the ocean by joining its newly launched, Ocean Alliance. The funding programme will be an essential resource for global ocean research and vital technological development, empowering society to become more involved in the global science needed to support a sustainable ocean.

The Ocean Alliance is a group of partners that promote knowledge, innovation and sustainable use of the ocean and fund the research and technology development needed to make a positive impact and drive change. As the largest, most connected and vital ecosystem on earth, the ocean sustains all life. Yet today, ocean conservation receives less than 1% of global charitable giving. With the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science highlighting the importance of including the ocean in climate conversations, the NOC is encouraging those interested in protecting the oceans and the planet to join the Ocean Alliance and have the chance to directly impact the global scientific findings, innovations and education needed to tackle climate change. 

The alliance will comprise four funds; the Advance fund focusing on ocean science and research; the Innovate fund, which enables science and technology to fuel innovative solutions to create a thriving ocean economy; the Empower fund, which enables ocean literacy to help inform government policies and good corporate practices; and the Educate fund, which will support a diverse new world of future scientists.

Sofie Bennett, Head of Philanthropy at the National Oceanography Centre, said: "When we use science to understand the ocean and its ecosystems, we are in a better position to know how to not only preserve it, but also to manage it to ensure that it is protected for the future.

"At the NOC we have the existing scale, experience and infrastructure to deliver the science needed to drive forward global action, but require the financial support to continue driving discovery and pursue bold new lines of ocean research in ways other funding types cannot. We want our supporters to come with us on this journey and learn about the impact they are having.

Now an independent charity having been part of the Natural Environment Research Council for its 60-year history the NOC relies on funding to support its scientists in driving recognition of the role of the ocean in combatting climate change, and create solutions to ensuring an ocean that is clean, safe and future-proof. 

Sofie continued: "Our independence allows us to unite with new partners. Everyone plays an important role in understanding our changing ocean and by bringing together individuals, companies and charitable foundations we can all play our part in helping to restore it.