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Twenty-Six Industry Professionals Graduate from GE’s Oil & Gas University

06 July 2010

Twenty-six oil and gas industry professionals from 20 countries worldwide have participated in the fifth GE Oil & Gas University graduation ceremony held at the business’ headquarters in Florence, Italy. The graduates represent many of GE’s key customers in the global oil and gas sector.

During the six-month program, a team of experts and instructors from GE Oil & Gas, university professors and international professionals covered different aspects of the energy sector, from the exploration and production of energy sources to their utilization. Students who successfully completed the program received certificates in Oil & Gas Technologies presented by Claudi Santiago, president and CEO of GE Oil & Gas.

Piero Salvadori, president of GE’s Oil & Gas University, said: “The courses offered through our program are designed to enhance the training and skills of young energy professionals around the world. We’re very pleased to have completed this fifth GE Oil & Gas University course, which has helped to reinforce our friendship and partnership with many of our key global customers.”

The GE Oil & Gas University is open to technical professionals in the global oil and gas industry who are under the age of 32 and who are sponsored by their companies.