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Introduction to Technology Qualification Assurance (Astrimar Webinar)

Introduction to Technology Qualification Assurance (Astrimar Webinar)

21 January 2022
Venue: Webinar (13:00 - 14:00)

This free webinar from Astrimar is introducing the basic principles of Technology Qualification with particular focus on TQP, TRL and the key concepts that are fundamental to successful development, qualification and deployment of technology.

A systematic approach to understanding technology requirements and establishment of relevant tests and analyses is needed to manage risk and provide traceable assurance evidence to demonstrate achievement of the requirements. This has now become even more important to enable the many innovations required to achieve net zero targets to be realised within the remaining  very short timescales to address climate change.

This free 1-hour online webinar is aimed at engineers and senior managers who are involved in the development of new technology or in the adoption of new technology, or who need to accommodate existing technology in more challenging applications.

One not to be missed!

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