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Teledyne Marine Slocum Gliders enhance OceanPact services in Brazil

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29 March 2022

Teledyne Marine announces the delivery of three Teledyne Webb Slocum G3 Gliders to OceanPact, located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  OceanPact offers services for the study, protection, monitoring and sustainable use of the sea, coast, and marine resources for clients from various sectors including offshore energy, mining, telecommunications, ports, navigation, tourism, fishing and aquaculture.  OceanPact Geosciences owns the largest private inventory of scientific instruments in the country and operates two world class Research Vessels, the RV Ocean Stalwart and the RV Seward Johnson, for multipurpose missions for deep ocean data acquisition.

The new Slocum gliders will significantly enhance OceanPact’s marine operations, allowing for autonomous long range, long duration remote water column observations utilising customer specified sensors. The Slocum glider can be deployed and recovered from any size vessel with minimal time on station, and once deployed, it can easily be controlled from anywhere in the world via web-based piloting tools, saving operational time and money.  OceanPact plans to utilise the gliders as part of a project to record background underwater acoustic noise in Brazilian waters for environmental studies and to set a baseline for industry activities in the region.

Leonardo Barreira, Director of Operations, Geosciences at OceanPact looks forward to beginning operations and shares:  "We selected Teledyne’s gliders based on our long-term experience with Teledyne Marine and the support that we’ve received. We also appreciate the growing market share that the Slocum is achieving due to the vehicle’s proven endurance and reliability.  We look forward to a long and successful future operating our gliders in Brazilian waters.”
Teledyne Marine Slocum Gliders enhance OceanPact services in Brazil