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Pipeline Industries Guild Awards

Pipeline Industries Guild Awards

22 April 2022

The Pipeline Industries Guild organizes three technology awards: Subsea, Land-based, and Utility Pipelines plus three project awards: Subsea, Land-based and Utility Pipelines. The entries are submitted annually and judged by an award panel on the following criteria:

  • Provide the industry with something it did not have before
  • Extend current technology
  • Provide possible future applications in cost reduction, improve safety or environmental protection
  • Overcome a challenge in application on new or existing technology in a new or existing area
  • Provide a reason for the industry to change its modus operandi

The Pipeline Industries Guild technology and project awards are annual, open to all nationalities, open to all individuals and organisations and open to all sections of the pipeline industry.

Deadline for submissions: 22 April 2022