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30 June 2022

The following has been compiled and circulated by Department for International Trade (DIT)
BNDES finances 4 biomass power plants in Brazil
At the end of June, the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) announced financing for four biomass thermoelectrical plants and associated transmission systems, which have a combined capacity of 40 megawatts (MW). The facilities are going to be fueled with wood chips sourced from wood industry waste and all fuel used in the plants will come from reforested areas. [Biomass Magazine]

Brazil's Suzano secures contract for 50 MWa of biomass power supply
Suzano SA, a Brazilian pulp and paper company, has announced that it has secured a supply contract for 50 average megawatts (MWa) of biomass power in Brazil’s latest energy tender. It was awarded the deal at a tariff of BRL 315 per MWh, representing a total contract value of BRL 2.8 billion. The supply period will run from January 2026 to December 2045. [Renewables Now]

Neoenergia begins test operations at 566.5-MW wind park in Brazil
Neoenergia started the operational tests for the first wind turbines of the 566.5 MW Neoenergia Oitis wind complex, which is located between the states of Bahia and Piauí, in Brazil. The complex will consist of 12 wind farms equipped with 103 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 5.5 MW. Neoenergia Oitis is scheduled to be fully operational for the second half of this year. [Renewables Now]

Lisarb launches venture aimed at offshore wind market
Lisarb has launched a new business called Lisarb Offshore Ltd, which is a partnership between Lisarb Energy Group Ltd, Prosperity Energy Ltd and a consortium of UK ports, fabricators, manufacturers and consultants. The project is going to focus on new floating wind license areas such as the UK Celtic Sea, the UK North Sea and the coast of Brazil. [Renewables Now]

Corio Generation announces plans to develop 5GW of Offshore Wind energy in Brazil
Corio Generation announced its plans to build five offshore wind generation projects in Brazil. The projects will totalize just over 5 GW of installed capacity, according to the company. The wind farms will be located on the coast of the Southeast, South and Northeast regions and will be developed in partnership with the Brazilian company Servtec. [Petronotícias]

Large solar plants pass the 5 GW mark in Brazil
According to the Brazilian Photovoltaic Solar Energy Association (Absolar), Brazil managed to surpass the mark of 5 GW of operational power in large solar plants. The association also affirmed that these ventures brought R$ 26.7 billion in new investments to Brazil. [Petronotícias]

Biomass beats wind and solar in Brazilian power bids for the first time
Brazilian power companies have contracted under 1GW of new renewable capacity divided relatively evenly between hydropower, solar and wind and over 400MW of biomass projects in the country’s latest auction. The tender saw biomass for the first time eclipse all other technologies, with 407MW of capacity awarded. [Bioenergy News]

Minister of the Environment bets on offshore wind energy and green hydrogen to reduce energy costs in Brazil
According to the Brazilian Minister of the Environment, Joaquim Leite, Brazil has great potential in the production of offshore wind energy, thanks to its natural characteristic of having a coast with constant winds, but without major storms. Then, it would give Brazil the opportunity to generate 100% clean energy. The Minister also points out that this energy can be transformed into hydrogen and thus exported. [Click Petróleo e Gás]

Braskem and Veolia announce investments of R$400 million in a new renewable energy project in the industrial hub of Alagoas
Braskem and Veolia closed an investment agreement for the construction of a renewable energy plant in Alagoas. The agreement aims for the production of renewable energy using steam from eucalyptus biomass and other types, such as industrial waste, bamboo and other options to be considered. The project will receive investments of R$ 400 million and will last for 20 years. [Click Petróleo e Gás]

Historic millionaire investment in the 1st biogas plant in Alagoas will generate electricity from methane gas from landfills and lower the price of residents' electricity bills
The state of Alagoas installed its first biogas plant in 2022, capable of producing clean energy by reusing compounds. The investment for the construction of the Greater Maceió Waste Treatment Plant was over R$8 million, by the Alagoas Ambiental group. The plant's production capacity totalizes 8.5 GWh per year. In addition, Alagoas Ambiental still plans to build and deliver two more plants this year, with a production capacity of up to 1000 KWh each. [Click Petróleo e Gás]

Brazil will have 27 new biomethane plants in the coming years
This year, the Brazilian Biogas Association (Abiogás) and the Brazilian Association of Piped Gas Distributors (Abegás) carried out a survey that mapped investments in 27 new biomethane plants with the potential to connect to the gas pipeline network in the coming years in Brazil. The expectation of the entities is that, with the investments, Brazilian production will reach 2.2 million m³ per day in the gas pipelines by 2027. [Click Petróleo e Gás]

Government of Ceará signs a pre-contract with the multinational Fortescue to implement the Green Hydrogen Hub at the Pecém Industrial and Port Complex
The Government of Ceará signed, in June, the pre-contract with the multinational Fortescue Metals Group to take off the paper the project of the Green Hydrogen Hub at the Pecém Industrial and Port Complex (CIPP), in São Gonçalo do Amarante. In this way, the state and Fortescue, a global leader in the iron ore industry, will work in mutual cooperation to make the installation of the first green hydrogen hub in the Industrial and Port Complex of Pecém, and also to promote the energy production chain in the state. [Click Petróleo e Gás]

State Government wants to transform Rio de Janeiro into the largest offshore wind energy producer in Brazil
The government of Rio de Janeiro wants to transform the state into an offshore wind energy hub, capable of generating 27 GW of energy on its coast. The state is boosting the clean energy sector in the region, which already has 9 offshore wind energy projects in the environmental licensing phase at the Brazilian Institute of the Environment (IBAMA). If approved, the projects should represent a quarter of all Brazilian investment in the sector, and, in the coming years, Rio could attract more than US$ 85 billion in resources. [Click Petróleo e Gás]

UK credit agency UKEF targets renewables projects in Brazil for offshore wind and green hydrogen businesses
During an event of the Embassy of the United Kingdom with businessmen and representatives of the British government, in June, the British credit agency UK Export Finance (UKEF) commented on the plans for the Brazilian market. According to them, the focus is now on renewables in the country: possible business with offshore wind power generation projects and the newest bet of the national energy sector, green hydrogen. [Click Petróleo e Gás]

ANP has new information on the decommissioning of onshore oil fields in Brazil
With new directions for the oil and gas sector in Brazil and the decommissioning of some fields, the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) launched a series of guidelines on the process in the national territory. All the information is aimed at the decommissioning of onshore oil fields and aims to boost this activity in Brazil with more quality in the search for information. [Click Petróleo e Gás]