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Brazil latest market news and intelligence from DIT

01 August 2022

The following market intelligence has been gathered and distributed by Department for International Trade.

Brazil will receive R$ 34 billion in investments to inaugurate 250 wind, solar and biomass power plants by 2026 and generate thousands of jobs
In the next few years, Brazil will receive large clean energy plants, contributing to the country’s environmental scenario. According to a survey carried out by the Energy Trading Chamber, 250 large-scale solar, wind and biomass plants will start operating until January 2026 in Brazil. The great expectation of this investment is that clean power plants add about 6 thousand mW of power to the electricity sector. [Click Petróleo e Gás]

BNDES launches programme to finance pilot green hydrogen projects
The National Economic and Social Development Bank (BNDES) announced a program to support pilot projects for the production or utilization of green hydrogen. The maximum amount of funding is R$ 300 million and will have resources from the Climate Fund, destined for the renewable energy chain. According to the bank, the idea is to expand its financing lines to also support large-scale green hydrogen production projects for export. [EPBR]

Brazil's Unigel to build green hydrogen plant with $120 million investment 
This month, Brazil’s Unigel announced plans to build a green hydrogen plant in the state of Bahia, with an initial investment of $120 million and the goal of making it one of the largest of its kind in the world. The plant is expected to start operations by the end of 2023, Unigel said in a statement. The first phase of the project foresees a production capacity of 10,000 tonnes of green hydrogen and 60,000 tonnes of green ammonia per year. [Reuters]

Embraer and Raízen close partnership for sustainable fuel production
Embraer and Raízen (a joint venture between Shell and Cosan) have signed a letter of intent to stimulate the development of SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel). Among the established goals, Embraer aims to become the first aircraft manufacturer to consume SAF, which can be distributed by Raízen, a global reference in bioenergy. This is a part of Embraer’s strategy to neutralize its carbon footprint until 2040. [Isto É Dinheiro]

Neoenergia wins lots in Brazil's transmission auction
The Brazilian company Neoenergia SA bought two lots in July's auction for transmission projects in Brazil that will facilitate the uptake of renewable energy across the country. The largest project offered (Lot 2) involves the construction of substations and 1,707 km (1,060.6 miles) of transmission lines between the states of Minas Gerais and São Paulo. Lot 11 consists of 291 km of lines in nine municipalities of Mato Grosso do Sul, which will serve to integrate three small hydropower plants (HPPs). [Renewables Now]

Government publishes decree regulating proof of achievement of individual goals of CBIOs 
In July, the Brazilian government published a decree regulating proof of achievement of individual goals of CBIOs. According to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, it "is intended to improve the effective fulfilment of the main objective of this public policy: promote the reduction of the average carbon intensity of the fuel matrix by expanding the production and use of biofuels in the transport sector".  [Petronotícias

Enel signs memorandum with Ceará state government for green hydrogen project 
Enel Brasil has signed a memorandum of understanding with the government of Ceará to carry out feasibility studies to develop green hydrogen production projects in the state, the company said in a statement. According to Enel, based on the results of the feasibility study stage, there will be the definition of potential projects, investments, and deadlines for execution. [Energy News]

ABREN study reveals that waste produced by 28 regions can generate energy for 100 million people
According to a study of the Brazilian Association of Energy Recovery of Waste (ABREN), with just over half (about 56%) of the urban waste produced by the 28 metropolitan regions of Brazil with more than 1 million inhabitants, it is possible to generate electricity for 27 million homes in the country and supply an average of 100 million people. Yuri Schmitke (ABREN president) said that, in Brazil, "the first Energy Recovery Plant is under construction in Barueri and will certainly be the first of many".  [Petronotícias

Government of the state of Rio de Janeiro and White Martins sign partnership with the objective of developing green hydrogen in the state 
White Martins signed a memorandum of understanding with the state government of Rio de Janeiro to qualify the development and implementation of projects to produce green hydrogen in the state. The agreement aims to combine the experience of the company White Martins and the energy potential for the introduction of green hydrogen from Rio de Janeiro. [Click Petróleo e Gás]

Study shows great potential of Minas Gerais state to generate biogas and biomethane
A study made by FIEMG showed that the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais has great potential to generate biogas and biomethane, having the capacity of 308 MW installed power, which is 10 times greater than the current one. Besides, according to the FIEMG energy manager, Minas Gerais is the second state with the largest biogas and biomethane potential in Brazil.  [Biomassa Bioenergia]

Investments in biomass energy advance in São Paulo and reach R$ 5.8 billion 
According to the Announced Investments Research of the state of São Paulo - Piesp, from Seade Foundation, the state received, between 2018 and 2022, investments of R$5.8 billion in energy from biomass. Regarding the amount of investments, R$ 3.0 billion were destined for electricity generation and the rest for biofuel production, with R$ 2.0 billion for ethanol and R$ 773 million for biomethane. [Biomassa Bioenergia]

New investments in renewable energy are planned in the city of Macaé, in order to make Rio de Janeiro one of the leading states in the poles of offshore wind power generation
The city of Macaé, in Rio de Janeiro, seeks to encourage the wind energy segment in the state, contributing to the environment and generating new jobs in the area. The forecast is that new investments can be made in the city with the aim of expanding the development of offshore wind energy in Rio de Janeiro and making the state one of the main poles of wind energy producers worldwide. [Click Petróleo e Gás]