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Brazil latest market news and intelligence

06 September 2022

The below market intelligence has been compiled and circulated by the Department for International Trade (DIT).

Senate approves regulatory framework for offshore energy exploration in Brazil
The Brazilian Federal Senate has approved the regulatory framework for offshore energy exploration in Brazil. The document was voted by the Infrastructure Services Commission and presents authorization guidelines for offshore wind, solar or wave power parks throughout the national coast. Bill No 576/2021 is authored by Senator Jean Paul Prates. In this way, the offshore energy document should be sent directly to the Chamber of Deputies, and, if it is approved, will await sanction of the president of the republic to enter into force as a law. [Click Petróleo e Gás]

New offshore wind power plant in Ceará receives R$ 18 billion in investments and will generate more than 2 thousand jobs
The multimillion-dollar project for the development of an offshore wind power plant, in Acaraú, on the west coast of the state of Ceará, plans to begin work in January 2024. Known as the Dragão do Mar Marine Wind Complex, the project aimed at the electricity sector foresees investments of R$ 18 billion until the operation phase, with the expectation of generating more than 2 thousand direct jobs. [Click Petróleo e Gás]

Wind turbines and solar panels in the Northeast beat record of electric power generation which can supply all the demand of the region! 
According to the National Electrical System Organization (ONS), wind turbines in the Northeast reached a new record for instantaneous electrical generation, with 14,167 megawatts (mW) and solar power generation in the region produced 2,963 megawatts. In this way, wind turbines can provide enough energy for nine states, not counting the 23% that can be exported, which is its record. In addition, solar energy is also gaining space and increasing its production, reaching up to 27.5% of the energy used in the states of the Northeast.  [Click Petróleo e Gás]

Renewable energy market in Bahia is expected to receive investments of up to R$ 45 billion by 2027, driven by wind and solar production
The Energy Executive Report of the Secretariat of Economic Development (SDE) points out that the renewable energy market in the region of Bahia should receive around R$ 45 billion in investments by the end of 2027. The region is a leader in energy auctions for production from renewable sources, especially wind and solar, which have been boosting the state economy in recent years. The state of Bahia continues to lead the renewable energy market in Brazil and the national generation of wind (35.01%) and solar energy (30.30%), being the great highlight of the energy transition in the country. [Click Petróleo e Gás]

Government of Ceará will sign three new memorandums for projects at the green hydrogen hub in Pecém Complex 
Aiming to strengthen Ceará’s presence in the renewable market and expand the green hydrogen hub of the Pecém Complex, the state government will sign three new memorandums for projects to produce the resource in the region. The state already has 19 agreements already signed with large companies in the field and will become even more present in the scenario over the next few years. [Click Petróleo e Gás]

Onshore wind power from Brazil grows and global giants such as Shell, TotalEnergies, Petrobras and Equinor target the Brazilian offshore wind market, which promises to generate 4 times all the energy installed in the country!
Brazil is a "market to be followed": this is what the 2022 report of the GWEC (Global Wind Energy Council) global forum of wind energy says, and global oil giants, such as Shell, TotalEnergies, Petrobras and Equinor target billionaire investments in the Brazilian offshore wind market. According to data from the National Energy Balance, produced by EPE (Energy Research Company, government agency linked to the Ministry of Mines and Energy), the installed power of onshore wind jumped from 1,426 GW installed in 2011 (0.5% of the national electricity matrix) to 20,771 GW in 2021 (11.4% of the matrix).  [Click Petróleo e Gás]

Offshore experience and production potential elevate Brazil to the leading role in hydrogen, says PWC
According to the partner of consultancy PwC Brasil, Adriano Correia, there’s a huge opportunity for hydrogen (H2) production in Brazil, especially in the Northeast, which has a great potential to generate offshore wind power that can be used in the production of H2. Besides, he stated that the Brazilian experience in oil and gas production in the offshore environment will certainly be a differential in offshore wind power generation. "This technical training and experience are very important assets in the development of offshore projects. I think this tends to give more security in technical terms and tends to speed up some of these projects," he concluded. [Petronotícias

Centralized solar generation in Brazil should more than triple by 2026, says Absolar Vice President
The operational installed power of solar energy surpassed that of natural gas and biomass thermoelectric plants, becoming the third place in the list of largest sources in the Brazilian electric matrix. For the vice president of the Brazilian Association of Photovoltaic Solar Energy (Absolar), Ricardo Barros, this expansion movement should be amplified in the coming years. Looking at distributed generation, Barros said the forecasts point to growth of more than 100% by 2026, rising from the current 12 GW to 25 GW. [Petronotícias

CNPE publishes guidelines of the National Hydrogen Programme
In August, the National Council for Energy Policy (CNPE) published in the Official Gazette of the Union the guidelines for the National Hydrogen Programme (PNH2), already approved by the council at the end of June. The programme guidelines were structured in six axes, which encompass the strengthening of scientific and technological bases, the training of human resources, energy planning, the legal and regulatory framework, the opening and growth of the market and international cooperation. The PNH2 Steering Committee was also established in order to coordinate and supervise the planning and implementation of the programme. [Mega What]

Lightsource bp signs solar PPA with America Energia in Brazil
Lightsource bp has signed a 15-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with local independent energy trader America Energia for electricity generated by the 210-MWp Milagres solar farm in Brazil. The Milagres solar farm, located in Abaiara, in the state of Ceara, is due to be fully operational in 2024. [Renewables Now