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unSEAn world - what lies beneath the waves?

unSEAn world - what lies beneath the waves?

24 January 2023
Venue: Aura Innovation Centre, Meadow Road, Kingston upon Hull, HU13 0GD | 16:00 19:00



As offshore wind and the renewable energy industry develops in the Humber, the underwater environment is getting more and more crowded.

In this informative evening event from Aura, Global Underwater Hub and Humber Marine and Renewables, you can learn more about the challenges and issues of underwater technology, where innovation is needed, who the stakeholders are, and what we can learn from other industries.

There will be three panel discussions on underwater technology topics, and then networking, drinks and canapes so you can meet others involved in the industry.

Talk topics include:

  • An overview of what the renewable industry is bringing to the seabed in terms of technology.
  • What lies beneath the surface with offshore renewables, looking at moorings and offshore farms, and the impact on shipping.
  • Recent work on a very large scale offshore wind development, and how many turbines may be in the North Sea by 2050.
  • The view of the fisheries industry, with reference to ecological factors.

This event is perfect for those currently working in the underwater technology or offshore wind industries, or those who want to learn more about what is happening under our seas.


Moya Crawford | President | Society for Underwater Technology

Moya is the managing director of Deep Tek Ltd, a copmany which provides cost effective deep water capability to other marine sectors, especially the oil and gas industry.  Her interest in marine science informs many aspects of her work, and she has been in the field of underwater salvage for over thirty years, beginning as a deckhand salvaging the White Star Liner RMS Oceanic, a forerunner of the Titanic.

Dr Michael Roach | Fisheries Science Officer| Holderness Fishing Industry Group

Mike Roach is the Scientific Officer for Holderness Fishing Industry Group (HFIG), a not-for-profit trade association whose members include fishermen, landing companies, processors and others directly involved in the shellfish business along the Holderness Coast. Mike spent a former career in the Royal Navy specialising as both a weapons engineer on submarines and hydrographic surveyor on Royal Navy survey ships, before studying Coastal Marine Biology at the University of Hull. He then became a fisheries observer with HFIG, whilst completing his PhD on the impacts of offshore wind farms on commercially important crustacean species. He now leads the offshore research programme of HFIG.

John Simpson | Senior Partner | Solis Marine Consultants

Captain John Simpson is a master mariner, having substantial experience in command and as a first class pilot in the UK.  He has acted as a nautical assessor to the High Court of Hong Kong and has worked as a pilot, and in ocean towage and salvage, dredging and wreck removal.

Louise Smith | Director | Aura

Louise is Director of Aura and its brand-new Innovation Centre at Bridgehead near Hull, set in the heart of the Humber. She is a strong advocate for the Humber, having spent the last 20 years working on projects in the region for BP, Total, Ineos, Nippon Gohsei and Vivergo. She has worked on some of the largest and ground-breaking energy projects in the UK over the years, including carbon capture and biofuels.  Aura is a catalyst for innovation and collaboration in offshore wind, and seeks solutions for industry problems in the region, the UK and globally.

Dr Simon Waldman | Lecturer in Renewable Energy | University of Hull

Dr Simon Waldman gained his PhD at Heriot-Watt's Orkney campus, in the far north of Scotland - an international hub for marine renewable energy development, and now lecturers in renewable energy at the University of Hull.  His research interests centre around renewable energy, and the use of regional-scale hydrodynamic modeling to support human activities, understand their effects and improve planning and policymaking.

The event is free to attend.