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Call 3 - Novel Non-destructive Examination


The Royal Navy wishes to identify a novel NDE solution to examine and ascertain the structural integrity of a welded joint through a variety of rubberised based compounds/coatings.  
The solution / technique is required to be able to:
• Scan through the rubberised medium with no detrimental effects to it.
• Apply an acceptance standard to the flaws identified through this rubberised medium.
• Accurately measure the material thickness of the metal substructure looking for surface corrosion/wastage.
• Be sensitive enough to identify both surface and subsurface volumetric flaws in the welded substructure.

If your company has the relevant experience, skills and technologies which could be utilised by the Royal Navy and Babcock in the defence sector for this call, please register your interest today.



15th November 2022 | Call 3 Opens for Registration of Interest
2nd December 2022 | Call 3 Q&A Webinar
16th December 2022 | Call 3 "Expression of Interest” Submission Close
January 2023 | "Supplementary Information” Submission Close
February 2023 | Presentations to Royal Navy, Babcock, GUH representatives