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Competition: Populating the World of Training (Phase 1)

Competition: Populating the World of Training (Phase 1)

02 May 2023
Venue: Virtual

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The British Army is transforming its training systems to deliver a credible representation of the real world that is representative of the human terrain.

Innovations required
Innovations ranging from Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 3 to 6, that help deliver seamless training irrespective of the training environment, so the experience of Live troops with their boots on the ground is as credible, and challenging, as the effects of that same experience has on troops participating in the Virtual environment.

Innovations that augment live assets, such as role players, vehicles, weapons and systems.

Innovations such as behavioural models and methods for rapid reconfiguration that make computer-generated forces more credible.

Innovations that deliver a credible challenge, such as a contested electromagnetic spectrum, remote and autonomous systems, and realistic threat capabilities.

Total funding available
The total possible funding available for this competition is £2.845 million (ex VAT).

2 May 2023