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Wandfluh launches its 'swiss army knife' solution: Proportional Mobile Valves

26 April 2023

The latest product from Wandfluh is like a Swiss army knife: The Proportional Mobile Valves (PMV) program can be individually assembled and applied in a modular way. It is very versatile, can be used flexibly and is characterized by its high quality, performance and precision.

As a flexible hydraulic concept, the Proportional Mobile Valves (PMV) program has been introduced at BAUMA 2022 in nominal sizes 16 and 22. The PMV is characterized by its great modularity. It can be individually assembled and adapted to virtually any type of application. "The special thing about the PMV is that the modules can be combined in so many ways - it offers the highest quality and performance for all areas of application,” says Bernd Warnecke, engineer at Wandfluh.

The modules used are proportional spool valves with which the direction of movement and the speed of cylinders or hydraulic motors can be individually determined. Thanks to the built-in pressure compensa- tor, the functions can be controlled separately, continuously and simultaneously load pressure compen- sated proportionally. The volume flows and load pressures for the individual consumers can be set in- dividually. Thanks to a zinc-nickel coating, the PMV has a high corrosion resistance.

The areas of application are diverse. PMV are used where very compact and efficient hydraulic systems are required and a function must be sensitively controlled. Thanks to the high power density and perfect reliability under all working conditions as well as the flexible modularity, the units can be used almost everywhere. Typical applications are cylinder and motor controls for all handling functions in mobile, onshore and offshore applications (e.g. for construction machinery, vehicles, drilling rigs, winches, cranes, fishing applications, ships etc.).

Thanks to the fact that the PMV programs are manufactured in Wandfluh’s Swiss and German factories and with parts from Wandfluh’s existing product portfolio, short delivery times can be guaranteed.