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Offshore Wind Scotland opens Strategic Investment Model for applications

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23 May 2023

Offshore Wind Scotland (SOWEC) has announced the opening of its Strategic Investment Model (SIM) for applications, marking a significant step towards the development of offshore wind projects in Scotland. Since the beginning of 2022, Scottish offshore wind project developers have been collaborating with the Scottish Government and its agencies to foster supply chain growth in the country.

The collaborative efforts of the industry and the government have resulted in the creation of a Collaborative Framework, which was a direct response to recommendations outlined in the 2021 Strategic Investment Assessment. All ScotWind developers have pledged their commitment to collaboration by signing a Charter.

Under the Collaborative Framework, SOWEC has developed the Strategic Investment Model (SIM), which aims to establish a shared understanding of the infrastructure upgrades required to support Scotland's offshore wind pipeline. By pooling efforts and potentially investments across industry and the public sector, risks can be shared and progress accelerated.

The initial focus of the SIM will be on securing investment for Scotland's ports and manufacturing facilities, addressing the pressing need for infrastructure upgrades. Lessons learned from this process will inform the application of the SIM to other industry challenges, such as skills development.

The SIM's official webpage provides comprehensive background information on its workings, along with an introduction to the model. Interested parties can access the application materials for the Stage 1 application process, which will be open from May 11th to June 2nd.

Leading engineering and consulting firm Arup has been appointed as the SIM Programme Manager, responsible for coordinating the entire process. Working closely with SOWEC, Arup is committed to delivering this ambitious project that has the potential to reshape Scotland's offshore wind sector.

The opening of the SIM for applications represents a crucial milestone in Scotland's journey towards becoming a global leader in offshore wind. By fostering collaboration and pooling resources, the industry and the government aim to unlock the immense potential of Scotland's offshore wind sector, driving economic growth, and facilitating a sustainable energy transition.

The first SIM Process Application Window is now open until 2 June 2023.