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Tracerco™ Discovery™ | Webinar

How Tracerco's subsea CT technology has been utilised and proven in real-world applications

19-19 September 2023
Venue: Webinar

Join Tracerco's sister publication, World Pipelines, and Tracerco for this webinar with Jim Bramlett, Commercial Manager - The Americas,  as he explores the practical applications of the Tracerco™ Discovery™ technology in the real world. 

He will provide examples, including actual imagery, case studies, and project statements of work (SoW). Additionally, he will highlight the proven reliability of the technology and project successes.

During his presentation, he will delve into real-world applications of the technology, showcasing case studies and providing examples of Statements of Work (SoW) from past projects. This will give you a clear understanding of how operators are leveraging this technology to their advantage. Furthermore, with the advancement of their fast-screening scans in conjunction with full tomographic scans, Tracerco is able to significantly reduce scan time and overall cost while still obtaining crucial integrity information. 

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