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Subsea UK Site Revamp

03 September 2010

Welcome to the new and improved!

We're very excited to announce the launch of the new Subsea UK website, along with several new features that will become available over the next few days.

A lot has changed in this upgrade, but the core of the site is still here: we've just brought the important bits to the forefront, to ensure you can see all our resources at a glance with the brand new navigation system.

The previous version of the website was initially designed to do three things: provide you subsea news and events, and list our members in the directory. Since the creation of the website we've gone on to offer such a wide range of services and content that the site was practically bursting at the seams, making it cluttered and difficult to navigate. This problem has now been eliminated and you should now have a much smoother, simpler experience on our site.

In addition, the Members' Directory and the Subsea Pages have now been merged into one comprehensive directory. Instead of having one list for members and one list for everyone else, we've streamlined this into a single resource. Members enjoy the benefits of "full" profiles, while non-members can also list their companies with "limited" profiles.

Advertising opportunities through the website are now available for anyone wishing to take advantage of this medium. Subsea UK generally attracts traffic of between 7,000 - 10,000 unique visitors per month, so it's a very busy place. But we're not accepting just any old advert: we want them to be relevant to our visitors interests, so any ads you see will always be industry-related. As usual, member companies will enjoy significant discounts.

There are of course more ideas in the pipeline, which we hope to announce shortly. We're still in the transition of moving content at the moment, so you may notice a few further aesthetic or content changes over the next few days.

We hope you'll continue to use for all your up-to-date industry news, information on events and as a growing reference to the subsea companies of the world. If you have any questions or comments about the new site, please direct them to