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NETmc Marine Appoints First Reseller

21 September 2008

21 September 2008

NETmc Marine, the Scottish based designer and manufacturer of digital video recorders, is pleased to announce the appointment of ROVworld Lda of Portugal as a Reseller of the 73fifty Peli DVR. This is the first time NETmc Marine has appointed a reseller for any of its products and is the start of a new marketing campaign to promote it's products to a wider market.

The 73fifty Peli was specifically designed as a partner product for the small inspection/eyeball class ROV. It is designed around the well proven 73fifty rack mount system, of which nearly 200 are now in use in the offshore market replacing the out dated VCR and, complicated to use, DVD HD combos.

The 73fifty Peli is an MPEG2 DVR housed in a 1300 size Pelican case and is available in Yellow or Black; the unit is small, lightweight (4kg), portable and very easy to use. The user interface reflects the controls of a VCR so users find it very quick to learn its operation. There is a set up screen for configuring the system that allows the user to select date formats, set the time and date and select the required bit rate.

The video is recorded to the units own internal hard drive and is uploaded to a PC via USB using the free upload software. This software is used to export the files to the PC's own hard drive, or another storage device, and to delete the files on the DVR's hard drive. The 73fifty Peli is also a video player, so all the files recorded can be played back to a monitor straight from the unit, and it also has the facility to take stills during recording or playback on the recorder

The system can be supplied on its own or with the optional built in monitor and video overlay.

ROVworld Lda, was incorporated in June 2008 to promote sales of underwater equipment and services to the underwater inspection market. In addition to selling the 73fifty Peli they are also distributors for the AC-ROV micro ROV from AC-CESS Co UK Limited in Scotland.

The owners of the company also run the world renowned internet-based information website